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Dear Mark
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Aw, Is the Little Liberal Going To Cry?


Dear Mark: Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., was wrong when he said that health care legislation will be President Barack Obama's "Waterloo" and that "it will break him." This reminds me of Rush Limbaugh's wanting the president to fail. What is wrong with you people? — Makin' Nice in Macon

Dear Makin': Time to call the wa-a-a-a-a-mbulance. This is politics, for crying out loud. You liberals need to put on your big-girl panties, quit crying about one line from an interview and remember how you savaged George W. Bush. Sen. DeMint and Rush acknowledged that their remarks were not aimed at President Obama personally, but simply statements about his policies. Both sides agree that health care reform needs to take place, but why the big hurry? I'll tell you why. The president wants to sneak through another huge government power grab before citizens have a chance to read the fine print a la the failed stimulus package. President Obama claims to want legislation that improves health care access while decreasing costs. Yet he continues to deny reports from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office showing that the Democrats' current plan accomplishes neither. In fact, their ill-conceived proposal actually would increase the overall cost of health care while rationing access.

Many citizens do fall through the health care cracks, but with a sincere bipartisan effort, a solution can be found that covers these people without destroying the current system, which already covers more than 80 percent of the country.

Dear Mark: According to Politico, President Obama's top economic adviser, Larry Summers, says the economy is getting better, because "the number of people searching for the term 'economic depression' on Google is down to normal levels." That's not very reassuring, but is the economy getting better? — Bothered Businessman in Biloxi

Dear Bothered: Ouch! If that's the way the administration analyzes the economy, just imagine what would happen if you needed your prostate examined under government-run health care.

Actually, the answer depends on whom you ask, administration officials or real Americans who own real businesses, which produce real goods and services. The economy is reacting so poorly to the Democrats' stimulus package that President Obama has taken bold, decisive action and changed the name from the "stimulus package" to the "Recovery Act." Go ahead and reserve his spot on Mount Rushmore. The president even could claim employing a few sculptors in the process. The sad reality is that unemployment is quickly approaching 10 percent; foreclosures are up; travel is down; and polls show America's confidence in President Obama is waning. All President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and their liberal cronies can do is propose economy-killing legislation, such as cap-and-trade and government-run health care, and then tell us to be patient because the "Recovery Act" isn't supposed to kick in fully until 2010. I am so inspired.

Dear Mark: You act as if you know it all, so what in the world is that mysterious blob floating around Alaska? — Bonkers for Blob in Bossier City

Dear Bonkers: I did some research, and one person commented, "It stank, trapped sea birds in its gooey mass and, perhaps most alarmingly, was pretty hairy." Now that Sarah Palin has resigned as governor of Alaska, I believe the blob is merely the remains of the media circus and the Democratic National Committee investigators who were digging for every piece of dirt they possibly could find to smear the governor. Something similar was discovered in Los Angeles at the conclusion of Michael Jackson's funeral.

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Spoken like a true consevative, why don't you wail/rail against the crooks who made the mess in the first place, namely the Bush/Cheney admin and powerful cronies. Instead of denigrating the people trying to fix this economic catastrophe, lets hear your solutions. Sore loser.

Comment: #1
Posted by: Macmakay
Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:33 AM
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