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Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah
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The Intentional Destruction of America


It's time for Americans to consider a very scary possibility — the president of the United States and Congress are actually embarking on an intentional plan to destroy almost everything that has made the country great and unique throughout history.

Could it be that the sweeping, wholesale policy changes we have seen implemented in the last six months are not just "mistakes" or the results of miscalculations? Could it be that the clear intent is to bring America down, and that those controlling America's political future know exactly what they are doing? Could it be that those holding the levers of power in Washington are not just ill-equipped for their jobs and making bad choices, but they are also determined to destroy America's economy and culture because they don't like it, never liked it, and wish to see our nation operate more like the rest of the world?

Personally, I'm there. I've been there. There is not a doubt in my mind that people like Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the like just plain think differently than, say, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison — not to mention me.

The contrast in worldviews couldn't be any more striking. The Founding Fathers gave us the greatest experiment in liberty the world has ever known; they did so by removing the shackles from the people and placing them on the government. They believed human beings are accountable ultimately to God, from whom our natural rights and responsibilities descended. They sought to strictly limit the powers of government, which would result in the oppression of the people, just as God told us in the book of Samuel.

Meanwhile, what do Obama and company offer? They provide servitude to the state under the guise of "security." The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are being actively and openly dismantled as the guiding principles of American government.

Sovereignty and independence? Obama and company tell us today that we live in an "interdependent" world and that we need to be accountable to "the community of nations." That's just a euphemism for dependence and life in an unaccountable global tyranny, where what you think is not nearly as important as what their elite friends think.

The rule of law? We're told today by Obama and company that the Constitution doesn't mean what it says.

It's a "living document" that needs to be constantly reinterpreted in different times. That's not the rule of law. That's the rule of men — or, more precisely, the rule of high priests in black robes who are not accountable to either the will of the people or the rule of law.

Are your shackles being removed by Obama and company? Are you more or less free today than you were before the massive debt burden was placed on you and your descendants? Are you more of less prosperous? Ask yourself if government has been more empowered or less empowered by their actions? Is there any doubt?

Maybe most Americans don't realize this simple equation: That when government gains power, the people lose liberty. But there is not a doubt in my mind that Obama and company understand that principle very well, even if they don't articulate it openly.

What we are witnessing today is perhaps the greatest power grab in the history of America — where power is being taken from the people and usurped by government.

Are we to assume that this is the result of miscalculation or ignorance? That would be even more insulting to Obama and company than the simple recognition that they actually believe in what they are doing — that their actions are intentional, and they are actively dismantling the institutions and ideas that made America great and unique.

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'Destruction of America started back five (5) decades when politicians started 'giving' social security money, that belonged to the people that worked for it, to illegitimates, housing, social and welfare programs, just so they could get elected. Still, here in 2009, and it's become such a large business for politicians, I suppose "Fair Tax", to include property taxes, and "Voting Laws" should be changed back to "if you don't pay taxes, you shouldn't be allowed to vote, as you're cancelling the 'Taxpaying American votes!' Politicians have bankrupted America, sold America to the highest foreign country, borrowed trillions without Taxpayers' consent, and, yet, they're still in their high seats, being paid millions, and doing nothing constructive. Gitmo is the best place for most of them. Taxpayers will sell them a one way ticket, after taking all their assets to pay off the trillions they've borrowed, and send them on their way!

If American Taxpayers are smart, they'll demand to go back to “Pay as you go”
system for medical expenses, insurance, and everything else, that includes
stopping politicians and insurance companies from taking the last penny from you!

Taxpayers don't really care about your party affiliation; therefore, the article under
HPE Guest Column 6/28/09 “GOP Health plan doesn't address real issues” I'm
quoting ‘Then maybe there wouldn't be 45 million uninsured in America!' According
to statistics, population shows approximately 305 million Americans, subtract the
45 million (that's mentioned in article) - which is 15% of us, right, with no health
insurance. This leaves 255 million, or 85%, with insurance; therefore, as usual,
something doesn't add up.

America doesn't need anything else controlled by a radical and socialist
government, let alone National Healthcare! ‘Fair Tax', to include property taxes,
and ‘pay as you go' for doctors and hospitals, would cut theft and tons of useless
paperwork. Trillions would be saved by Taxpayers for their own families!

At no time have Taxpayers, that have a job at present, heard the words “We, the
politicians, in order to pay off trillions we borrowed without Taxpayers consent, are
going to reduce our salaries and retirements to $12,000.00 yearly, which would
benefit America!”

This is one actual insurance/government billing. Stop and wonder “Where's the
money” for this joke of a healthcare for all? ‘Explanation of Benefit' in which
Medicare and your private insurance, which you pay, in addition to what little they
pay out for you to your doctors after you've paid big bucks. If your doctor billed for
$233.00, Medicare paid $76.20, and your private carrier said it was OK to pay
$19.05, I don't suppose it will ever occur to receivers that this type ‘welfare
program' is OK. May articles have been written that Social Security/Medicare paid
dearly for people's care, including gastric bypass (which one could start by
pushing their chair away from table) which they couldn't afford, including the
Viagra, Cialis, Intense, and TV Programs telling the world about your sex life! “If
you don't work, have never paid social security, why should you receive anything
that Taxpayers have worked for?”

Being self employed, never accepting any type government/grant money, and
remembering when insurance became Mandatory started myself and my
employees to thinking ‘if our insurance was running $100.00 month for a family of
three (3)', what would it be when we had to start paying the insurance companies to
handle paperwork for government/politicians, illegitimates, social and welfare
programs and anything else that was forced on Taxpayers and small business
owners! Well, now we know, don't we?”

I'm quoting John Adams - “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.
One is by the sword, the other is by debt.” America is now an enslaved nation with
trillions of dollars in debt and all because of deceit and greed. Surely, you
remember history and the Dictator that said “We'll destroy America and never lift a
finger!” If this doesn't wake you up, nothing will!
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Posted by: Shirley deLong
Wed Jul 1, 2009 1:29 PM
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