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L. Brent Bozell
29 Oct 2014
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The Domestic Violence Blacklist


The "No More" TV advertisement blitz against domestic violence by professional athletes is obnoxious and reeks of political correctness. Exactly why does the public need to be indoctrinated about this, as if the audience for "Monday Night Football" is to blame? It's another reason to stop watching this sport.

But there is another reason to be opposed to this clearly political pressure campaign. In the current atmosphere, where even accusations of abuse are toxic public relations, what happens when a pro is falsely accused?

Consider the story of Dante Cunningham. Six months ago, the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball player drove into his driveway in Minneapolis at 4 in the morning. Waiting for him were the police, who immediately put him in handcuffs. He was accused of beating the girlfriend he'd been living with for eight months, Miryah Herron.

Herron told police Cunningham kicked in the door to their bedroom, choked her and slammed her head against the wall. Cunningham says he kicked the door in more than a week before that to retrieve keys he accidentally locked in the room. He insists the only time he touched Herron was when he grabbed her wrist to get her to stop hanging on his truck as he drove away to cool off.

Cunningham was arrested again three days later after Herron told police he violated a protection order by calling her from his hotel room and sending threatening messages on Skype. A police investigation found phone records from Cunningham's hotel showed he made no outgoing calls, and surveillance cameras indicated he never left his room until police came to arrest him.

They found Herron sent the messages herself to frame Cunningham.

Now, the 27-year-old Cunningham is a former NBA player. The charges were dropped and police concluded Herron fabricated the allegations against him. But Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, a liberal Democrat who twice failed to get his party's nomination for governor, won't charge Herron with filing a false police report.

He told the AP he feared "a chilling effect" on future victims of domestic violence.

Freeman doesn't care about the "chilling effect" on Cunningham's reputation. "At this point it's about justice and it's about clearing my name," Cunningham told the AP. "Clearly this adds a terrible stigma to my name. ... Now when anyone looks up Dante Cunningham, 'Oh, wasn't he the one that was in trouble?' There's nothing out there saying there was a false charge."

Cunningham is no Kobe Bryant. Bryant was a superstar when he was accused of sexual assault in 2003. The matter was dropped when the accuser wouldn't testify at trial a year later. Despite the loss of endorsements and having to admit he cheated on his wife, Bryant was never in danger of falling out of the NBA. Cunningham is a role player, someone who's merely a roster option.

As the NBA season begins, his agent, Joel Bell, estimates he could have landed a deal paying him more than $4 million a season. He said one team recently told him they couldn't risk the P.R. nightmare that could come from signing him.

Attorney A.J. Delgado put it best at National Review: "One would think the Left, so-called champions of civil liberties, would be disturbed by the trampling — or outright non-existence — of due process in these cases. Or, from an alternative angle, one would think the Left would be concerned that the men victimized by false domestic-violence or rape charges are often black males. ... But the Left is not. In the rock-paper-scissors tournament of modern-day liberalism, pushing the notion of domestic violence as an epidemic trumps both civil liberties and racial-disparity concerns."

Liberals love making movies about the blacklisting of Hollywood screenwriters in the fifties, but they're failing to notice today's reality of an athlete being blacklisted for fear of a "chilling effect" on domestic-violence accusers.

L. Brent Bozell III is the president of the Media Research Center. Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog To find out more about Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at



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Sir;... As the economy fails though that failure is natural given the immorality it represents; it attacks and eats away at the morality of the most basic relationships we have, and which are most essential to our happiness: Our loves and marriages. The dying form of our economy, and the churches which have always been blood suckers are taking away from every healthy relationship we the people have. How long has the government been feeding capitalism to keep it from death, and how long will government last without feeding in turn on the whole population? People fight, and they disagree; but when the story of ones employment is one long tale of humiliation, slavery, and degradation, how long will it take before it affects the family?
Parents, single or together, working for a future and a security they are never allowed to reach some times react with violence. How much love can they show their children? If slavery is what they endure for love or children; how long will it be before they see both with resentment. If they must compete with machines, and keep pace with machines how long will it be before they envy the machines their heartlessness? Upton Sinclaire said that Marriage is the Curse of the Working Class. It is because so many employers seek that advantage over their employees, that level of desparation to avoid poverty, and hear not the rumble of hunger from their babies guts. Men depart, or never bond, and children who know such pain are forever handicapped by the inability to trust and bond. Whether we will admit that capitalism is killing us is a small matter. To realize it is killing our kind, sterilizing our children before our eyes, and making it impossible for them to commit- knowing their own needs will never be satisfied, and until that is possible children and wives are beyond impossible- is what we really need to recognize.

We must live without honor, where no man's words are worth the spit he runs them by. What is the oath of marriage? Nothing in the end but so many words. You don't make me happy. You might be killing yourself at work to pay the bills, but you don't make me happy. Under the circumstances; who can be happy? But think of what it is to hear from the one you love, and for whom you slave and endure every degradation; that you do not make her happy. Honor is not the cause of poverty, but among poor people, honor is the greatest wealth, and their only true economy is the economy of honor.
Consdider how Cu'chilain, the Irish Achilles would kill in a heart beat for his honor. Consider how many people died for the wrath of Achilles when that wrath was built on his lost honor. People have their honor challenged every single day in America when that honor is the difference between free man and slave. And yet; our slaves go home very often to hear that their dishonor which they endure in the name of love- is meaningless to their lover.
It is no lie that I have been there. I have worked harder than any mule would. I have wallowed about in muck and slime for a buck. I have had to wade through human feces to put bread on my table, and had people, primarily my bosses think it was all nothing. But to do it in the name of love, to bear pain and sacrifice for one who does not know and cannot care- is a bitter pill in deed.
I am not saying that it is right to blame those we love for the pain we endure for them, and it is so much better to blame those who manufacture pain in the name of greater profit. I am not saying it is right if only because it is natural, but only understandable because it is natural.
When we lose the ability to care for ourselves, and this is happening across the reach of our society, and when we can no longer demand decent working conditions, fair wages, and justice from all; then our ability to relate will be nil. Our prisons are full of people who cannot take any more disrespect. The whole of their lives have been marked by the scars of dishonor. When we see for what trivial straws a man will turn to murder; then what surprise is it that men some times hit their wives. It might help if people knew how to fight. It might be better if they knew who to fight. It would be great if they learned to relate consciously, understanding that relationships that were once natural have been poisoned or had the life drained out of them. If people understand how impossible it is to have and keep a healthy relationship while trying to support an unhealthy and unequal relationship like employment, they might demand better across the board.
When the North fought the Civil War it was to keep from competition with slaves which would inevitably make them slaves. International competition with slaves has resulted in the same situation our ancestors feared. Slavery does not make societies, but destroys societies. The devaluation of human life and labor inevitably devalues human happiness and meaning. It was not just the free men of Rome who died, but Roman freedom and reason. Christianity came to power simply by recognizing the value of every human soul, and in its natural state, it did not rate any slave of Christ lower than a master of men.
Today, Christian morality is superficial, and it does not address the immorality of our economic relationships, and out of that immorality left free grows all immorality, and the death of our society. Look at how the churches attack love, and all people do to have love because it is not love according to their rules. To have love is the most basic quality of happiness, and people will do anything for it; but those who will bleed love of its vital energy for a profit are the worst sort of creatures on this earth.
Thanks... Sweeney
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Oct 31, 2014 8:52 AM
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