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Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro
12 Nov 2014
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The Ferguson Days of Rage


This week, America held its collective breath as it waited on the grand jury indictment verdict for Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson, you'll recall, had the misfortune to run into 6'5", 289-lb. Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black man who had just finished strong-arm robbing a convenience store. Wilson pulled Brown over as he and his accomplice walked in the middle of the street; all available evidence shows that Brown then pushed himself through the driver's side window, punched Wilson, went for his gun, was shot in the hand, ran, turned around, charged Wilson, and was shot to death.

But that doesn't matter. And it has never mattered. Because facts do not matter to those attempting to rectify what they perceive as an unjust universe. For those utopian visionaries - and, yes, violent thugs who rob stores are minions of the utopian visionaries — individuals do not exist. Individuals are merely stand-ins for groups. Wilson was a white cop; therefore, he was the Racist White Establishment. Brown was a black teenager; therefore, he was the Innocent Black Victim. The parts have already been written; Wilson was merely unlucky enough to land the starring role.

And so we expect riots no matter what the outcome of the indictment. Should Wilson escape indictment due to complete lack of evidence, the utopians and their rioting henchmen will attribute that acquittal to the Racist White Establishment. Should he be indicted, the utopians and their rioting henchmen will cite Wilson as merely the latest example of the Racist White Establishment. No matter the antecedent, the consequence has been determined in advance: rage, riots, recriminations.

If all of this sounds familiar, that's because it is.

Alongside the anti-Racist White Establishment protesters taking to the streets in Ferguson in recent weeks, anti-Israel and pro-ISIS protesters have appeared. All utopian visionaries fighting the status quo — self-perceived victims — love their Days of Rage. And these Ragers don't require evidence to incite their emotions. Evidence regarding individuals is for the reasonable; false stories of victims and villains are the fodder for Ragers.

Whether we're watching thousands of Muslims across the world protest and riot over cartoons of Mohammed, or whether we're watching hundreds of people in Ferguson riot over a media-manufactured story about a racial killing, Days of Rage provide the outlet for delusional anger. Radical Muslims need an external enemy to justify their own brutality; protesters in Ferguson need an external enemy to justify their own failure to make good in the freest country in the history of humanity.

Every society has its Ragers. The West's suicidal impulse to humor those Ragers, however, spells the end of the West. When facts become secondary to emotion, truth dies. And a society that doesn't value truth cannot survive. Calling out the National Guard in Ferguson while lending a sympathetic ear to the Ragers does little good, long-term. It merely staves off the inevitable surrender of the reasonable to the Ragers.

Ben Shapiro, 30, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, a radio host on KTTH 770 Seattle and KRLA 870 Los Angeles, Editor-in-Chief of, and Senior Editor-at-Large of Breitbart News. He is the New York Times bestselling author of "Bullies." His latest book, "The People vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration," will be released on June 10. He lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles. To find out more about Ben Shapiro and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



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Sir;... If I ever get caught in the company of an idiot acting like an idiot; I hope no one calls me an accomplice unless they want to prove it in court. I never helped any one act stupid because I'm not helpful.
Only to point out the obvious, but the more law we have the poorer we all grow to support it. And it doesn;t matter to all the people out there living on the corner of Far and Wide who have to be their own cop anyway who vote the destruction of government by starvation of tax revenue; that it leaves the police undermanned, and occasionally outgunned by the bad guys.
Then; At what point should conserving the peace be considered by the cops to be defensive in nature? At what point should they call back-up, and show overwhelming force before making an arrest? Do they need ever gunned down black man or high speed chase? If you got some one you got them, and if you don't go set a net, People gotta live some where, and you'll see them again. And I am only saying this because is war it is easier to prevent than to slow. Because I see it a lot like nuclear conflict with bullets being like bombs. If you have a working military, and one that can kick some serious butt on a moment's notice, the chances that the nuclear option will actually seem an alternative is pretty near slim. When you have ample force, and the ability to bring it to bear, the chances are less that the fiinal alternative will be the next alternative.
Death is final, and is ultimately self defeating. If Furguson had had enough troops on that day, with reserves sufficient to back up anyone in need; what are the chances that this un-armed youth would have died? It is not like they did not spend the money, and that we all did not spend the money. We only spent it after it was necessary, and not when it would have helped prevent a significantly larger cost than that which was deferred. I am not saying fund the police and fund the military and let the whole rest of society implode for lack of funds. I am saying some way needs to be found to justify taxing the rich who are the only people left with money, or you can kiss your peace, your union, and your sense of nation goodbye. Look at how you talk about this over grown child of a young man. I don't care who he pushed around. He may well have grown up to be a thug, But that is just the issue here. Young people are hardly grown up when they hold all the responsibilities and privilages of adult citizens. They still have to grow into the role they hold, and in the meantime, they are some body's babie. If you take a life, you should pay the price even if the act is to an extent, Justified. In Anglo Saxon time there was an expression that you had to buy off the sword of carry the sword, Not even self defense could defend you from the vengeance of the dead ones family. If they did not recieve blood money, or vengeance, they were seen as dishonored. What is honor to us? We do not get the concept. When you are used to threatening blacks, controlling them with fear; it is hard to grasp that the less you may see of a reason to respect them, the more they must demand respect.
It is too easy to brutalize brutes. They cannot raise their arms in their own defense unless as an invitation for hell to rain down on them. The ease of the action belies the expense. Today you can beat a man, cuff him, and throw him in the hole, and tomorrow some one less well armed will suffer that brutality right in their face. It is easy for the cops and courts to forget that the object of law is the restoration of the individual to his honor and place in his community. This restoration is only possible for those held short of brutality, and still within the family of humanity.
Sir;... I know you must think your self slimey smooth to justify what is so much an obvious injustice. Killing kids is an injustice unless done with the understanding that all such children will never grow up right if killed before they have a chance to grow up. And if you know ten percent of them will turn out bad; you can kill that number, and only leave the rest. But if you have seen enough good kids grow up to be worth nothing, and seen more than a few bad kids find there footing an grow into fine citizens; you have to wonder upon what we may judge these kids before they have been proved guilty. I think that in the same way the Jews were found guilty of being Jews, that blacks are found guilty of being black. And I am good with this. I am not good with inventing evidence for or against guilt. If I was the local leroy I would tell thenm that they already have one mark against them and it covers their whole body, and if they have a bullet hole in them that will count as two, and if they actually did anything worth getting killed for if you're black then that would be three. Because it is so easy to be counted out in this society and one is D O A, yeeeere Out! If they complain that they aren't free, just tell them their not caught either, unless now is a good time. Too many privilaged children carry a grudge not their own, and the reason they pick it up is that they need an excuse for their rage, And that is the way young people are, and if they stay alive they will grow out of it.
People showed up on the street not for something that happened to them, but for what happens to all of them that makes them feel frightened, and intimidated. It is not a natural feeling or fun, but is a reaction to the sort of threats they feel, that are real. All that shoot first and ask rhetorical question later, is nonsense, and belongs in Gaza. If these people are citizen, they have a right to complain, and remember, the death of this kid was simply an occasion to protest their own valid feelings about it formed in close contact with law enforcement. And you can presume as I have already done for you that they are all guilty of something, The cause is not yours to judge, but we the people. Black is the bulls eye in their eyes, and for some reason, they don't like it. And with freedom of speech and assembly they do have the right be there and to speak their minds. If they want to riot or loot, that only make it harder for them to get the words out that need to find voice.
Before you make yourself look less than human to justify this homicide, consider that in the eyes of society everyone should have the right to be occasionally wrong. If you start shooting people for acting stupid once in a while you are going to need more bullets. And it is so pointess. Parent put their own lives into the lives of their children, and not so they can be prefect, but to be some day worthy of all their efforts, and these effort some time take time to gel in the minds of their children. Excuses aside; and as a parent, I cannot excuse the killing of children because when you defeat the life of the parent, and defeat the life of the child you have in part defeated the effort and life of your whole society. I will not justify such behavior.
I wouldn't support anyone going into law enforcement; even a man of noted bravery who served in Afghanistan. I could not strap on a gun every day with the prospect of killing though I went thirty years facing death as the price of having a job, and I think any one who does so insane. Who can consider killing without being homicidal, and consider for what trivial nonsense people are killed. People should be forced to be cops, and any one who wants to do it should get a double term of duty just to keep an eye on them. And I would ask of any of them who kill, not did you have an excuse, but did they have real and sufficient reason. Don't get me wrong for it is nice to see the way you folks justify your use of terror and threat of death to maintain social control, But what does it say of you?
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:04 PM
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