COMICSB.C. by Mastroianni and Hart

About Mastroianni and Hart

Mason Mastroianni has always been passionate about art. Born with one of those rare artistic gifts, Mason was seldom seen without pen and paper as a child. In high school, Mason's talent earned him the title of president of the art club and class artist, as well as winning him many local and state art competitions.

Mason attended illustration courses at the Rhode Island School of Design, then enrolled in The DAVE School (Digital Animation and Visual Effects) in Orlando. Upon graduation, he took a position as a CG animator in Minneapolis. Mason’s work at Wet Cement Productions earned the company an Emmy award for computer graphic animation.

Mason’s combination of raw talent and early exposure to the cartooning world through his grandfather, Johnny Hart, made him by far the best candidate to carry on the comic strip, B.C.

Mason’s right-hand man and brother, Mick Mastroianni, serves as co-writer on the new B.C. team. Mick’s writing speaks to a younger generation while Mason’s style harks back to the early days of the strip. Mick also created and writes his own comic strip, Dogs of C-Kennel, currently in development on Creators' website featuring Mason as illustrator.

Johnny’s youngest daughter, Perri Hart, continues to write, letter and color B.C. while pursuing a career in fine art photography. You can visit her website at

Patti Pomeroy, Johnny’s oldest daughter, works behind the scenes on the operational demands of the business including the John Hart Studios website.

Mason and Mick, with their combined talent and youthful exuberance, will ensure that B.C. continues to bring you daily laughter with the silly antics of the caveman world. (Photo credit: Gary Steadman)

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