Catholic League Response

January 9, 2014

Dear Dr. Donohue,

You're asking us to take responsibility for something that we did not produce. Jamie Stiehm writes a column for U.S. News & World Report, and she writes a separate column for Creators Syndicate, which is edited by us. The column in question was released by U.S. News & World Report and was not edited by us.

Unlike what you said in your YouTube clip, Jamie Stiehm (pronounced like "steam") is not employed by us. She has signed a contract with us to write a weekly column — which, again, this particular column was not.

We syndicate opinion writers of all stripes. We defend Ms. Stiehm, whom you call a bigot, just as we have defended Brent Bozell, whom some in the gay community have called a bigot for columns such as this:

Another writer whom we syndicate, Pat Buchanan — a Catholic — elicited this message to us from the National Jewish Democratic Council (for a column we actually released):

Our answer to the NJDC was the same as it is to you.


Creators Syndicate Inc.

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