About Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen is the founder and President of Styrk.

Styrk is a social platform rooted in news and committed to five core values: Empowerment, Optimism, Community Engagement, Multiple Perspectives, and a Constructive Environment. Styrk News is presented in the Language of Everyday Americans.

A serial entrepreneur in the media world, Scott did his first radio commercial at the age of 7 and never looked back.

His first national television appearance came at the age of 20. Just a couple of years later, Scott served as emcee for hockey legend Gordie Howe’s on-ice 50th birthday celebration. Howe had been Scott’s childhood idol and was still going strong at 50—Scott describes that event as the greatest thrill of his professional life.

Later that year, Scott and his father founded ESPN, the cable sports network. While many view ESPN as a sports success story, Scott views it from a technological perspective. The then-new technology of satellite communications had opened up a whole new era in cable television programming.

In 1994, technology opportunities opened the doors for a new phase of Scott’s life. The then-new technology of the internet enticed him to launch an electronic media company, Rasmussen Reports, specializing in the collection, production, and distribution of public opinion polling information.

This platform led him to become a regularly featured guest on many broadcast venues, including the BBC, Fox News, CNN, and CNBC.

Scott became a New York Times bestselling author with The People’s Money and currently writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column for Creators.com. Additionally, he is a sought-after public speaker represented by Premiere Speakers in Nashville.

In the summer of 2013, Scott left his public opinion media firm to explore new digital media opportunities. Once again, changing technologies were calling Scott to a new project—Styrk.

Scott graduated from DePauw University and earned his MBA at Wake Forest University.


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