About Joseph Pubillones

Joseph Pubillones

Joseph Pubillones

Joseph Pubillones Interiors is an award-winning interior design firm based in Palm Beach, Fla. Headed by Cuban-American interior designer Joseph Pubillones (pronounced pooh-bee-yo-ness), the firm is noted for its versatility and sophistication in design, using contemporary trends in a traditional framework.

Pubillones studied architecture in the United States and Europe and has lived in Paris, Rome, Florence, Montreal and Miami. This background sets the tone for interiors that are well-structured and rooted in classic design, yet offer an international flair. He moves freely in a variety of interior styles, such as elegant traditional, sleek contemporary and relaxing tropical.

Partnering with architects, builders and clients, Pubillones undertakes projects that range from smaller renovations to comprehensive interior projects. He is adept in all design aspects, from initial design concepts and sketches to the installation of furnishings, accessories and art placement. Pubillones has successfully completed projects in the United States and Canada and throughout the Caribbean.

In addition to his interior design projects, Pubillones is currently designing a custom furniture line, further establishing him as a brand name. His line will include furniture and accessories, from sofas, chairs and tables to pillows, lighting and tabletops.

His work has been featured on HGTV's "Designers' Challenge" (Comfortable Elegant Living Room), as well as on the "Bob Vila" show. He was awarded Florida Design’s “2010 Designers with Flair” award.

Pubillones has shared his flair for design with readers for years through his bi-weekly column for the Palm Beach Post. He now writes a weekly design column, "The Art of Design ," which is syndicated by Creators Syndicate.


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