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Holiday Mathis

Holiday Mathis learned about the heavenly stars while meeting the earthly ones during her 13-year apprenticeship with celebrity astrologer Joyce Jillson. Jillson taught her to chart predictions, and Holiday worked with Jillson's extensive celebrity clientele, specializing in music industry clients such as producers, artists, songwriters and industry executives. She became known as "the Rock 'n' Roll Astrologer" by predicting hot CD release dates and fortuitous artist/producer combinations for some of the biggest artists on the Billboard charts.

Through Jillson's tutelage, Holiday developed a unique take on astrology, making a potentially confusing subject both practical and entertaining. "The planets are like players that interact with us in the grand cosmic drama," says Holiday. "For instance, Jupiter is that rich uncle who just might spring for college tuition. Mercury is the best friend you can call to relay information or run an errand when you're in a pinch. By aligning with our planetary friends, we can create an energetic flow that helps us attract life instead of fighting it."

Combining experience with youth -- and a broad knowledge of contemporary culture -- Holiday reaches out to young readers while keeping the loyalty of longtime astrology fans.

Holiday credits cosmic attunement for her various writing achievements, which include three published children's books through RGA Lowell House and two comedic screenplays optioned by film production companies.

She attended the University of Nevada on a music scholarship and melds her musical background with her astrological work to choose songwriting collaborators and time song submissions, an enterprise that led her to a publishing deal with EMI. Her songs have been featured in movies, including "Agent Cody Banks," and on albums such as the recent release by young pop star Katy Rose and country classic Jeannie Kendal. But Holiday's favorite musical genre is of the celestial nature. "I don't only look at astrological charts -- I listen to them. The way planets aspect one another creates musical intervals, some discordant, some harmonious. Every day has its own cosmic song."

In her column "Horoscopes by Holiday," she translates that song, giving upbeat suggestions and insights designed to cue millions of readers to sing along.

Holiday Mathis produces a series of guided meditations to "help you 'talk to yourself' inside your head in the best, most supportive and encouraging way." Check out Holiday's meditation recordings.


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