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Stealing Mom's Pain Pills Is Not OK


Hey, Cherie!

I have a major problem, and please answer fast by email because I can't wait for the newspaper to come out. So here's the deal, and it's not my fault. My mom has this illness, and there's no cure for it. I forget what it's called. It doesn't kill you or anything, but it makes her joints hurt and makes her tired and stuff.

So anyway, one day she couldn't open her left hand, and it turned out she needed surgery to fix the tendons to make her hand work again. The surgery went OK, but I guess it was kind of painful because she came home with these rad pain pills. So my friends goes, dude, we can sell thee on the street for like 8 bucks a pop. My friend used to sell herb, so he knows this stuff.

Well I'm broke all the time, and I'm thinking if I only took a few she wouldn't miss them. I could make a few bucks, and I really need the money. So I took, like, six of the pills. So we go down to the mall where these kids hang out, and I sold the six pills in, like, less than a minute. So I turn around and there's my friend, and he's got, like, a dozen more. He's selling them and laughing his butt off.

Turns out what happened was after I took six, when I was in the bathroom, he took another dozen or maybe even more. I'm not sure. I totally freaked. So I went home, and my mom was still at physical therapy. I looked at the pill bottle, and you could totally tell that it was only half full and that a lot of pills were missing. Then I realized the pills looked pretty much like the Tylenol tabs we have in the medicine cabinet. So I filled her pill bottle to the top with Tylenol.

My mom takes Tylenol sometimes, so I know this won't hurt her. If she doesn't look too closely at the pills, I think I can get away with this. My other option is to just rip off the whole vial, play all innocent and blame it on our dog, Riley, who chews on everything. Maybe blaming it on the dog is better. I won't have to worry that my mom will realize half the pills are Tylenol, and she can just tell her doctor the dog took them. Then he'll give her more pills, right? But then I was thinking my mom will freak and worry that Riley ate the pills, and she'll rush him to the vet to get his stomach pumped or whatever.

That would suck. I never meant for this to turn into such a big deal. I did, like, one small thing, and it feels like it turned into a major felony. It's not my fault! What should I do? Remember, answer this now !

—Big Trouble

Hey, Big!

You didn't say how old you are, but clearly, you're old enough to get to the mall with your bud, sell illegal drugs and write to me on a computer, which means you're old enough to hear this: Are you terminally self-centered or just utterly lacking in character, judgment and morals? And yes, the emphasis does mean I'm yelling ! So ... now I'm taking a deep, cleansing breath before I answer your question.

Screaming at you and calling you names might make me feel better, but it won't help you. 'K. Deep breath. I'm good.

Allow me to give you a brief education. Prescription pain meds sell for a lot of money on the street because they are A) a controlled substance and illegal without a prescription; B) can be addictive; and C) if any of the numbskulls who bought the pills from either you or your so-called friend party with those pills and mix them with alcohol or street drugs, they could actually ...

die. This is not, like, selling a little weed, OK? This is serious stuff, and you and your idiotic friend have screwed up royally.

Also, because they are a controlled substance, your mom can't just "get more." Saying the dog took the vial is like you saying, "The dog ate my homework." She might not be able to get more until all the pills she was supposed to have run out.

Your other brain-free idea with the Tylenol? Never give someone any drug, even an over-the-counter kind, without him or her knowing exactly what it is. Plus, if your mom just had surgery, she probably really, really needs those pain meds! Did you even bother to think about her and her pain, and what she's going through?

Dude, you've only got one choice here. Tell her the truth. Yeah, it sucks. Yeah, she'll be mad. Yeah, there will be consequences. Suck it up, and do it anyway. Offer to tell her doctor the truth, too, which may help with her getting another 'scrip for the pills you and your sidekick stole.

After you do this, and apologize profusely, offer some act of redemption to your mom — get her car washed, go grocery shopping, something you don't normally do that will make less work for her — to show her that when you said "sorry," you meant it.

Let's hope you're going to learn a whopping lesson from this. One last thing, which has three parts: Ditch the shallowness; ditch the crimes; and ditch the so-called "friend."

Hey, Cherie!

I have a boyfriend who is turning 16 soon. We want to have sex, but the problem is I'm only 14. I'm scared that my parents will find out and worried about what they'll do if they do find out. I need advice on how we can have sex without anyone finding out.


Hey, L!

Hmm. Thinking. How can you, age 14, and your boyfriend, not yet 16, have sex so that no one finds out. You ... can't! Why? Because you'll know and he'll know, and I don't care if you think you are the most mature 14 year old on the planet, 14 is too young to be having sex — period. Maybe some of your friends are doing it, and maybe you think you're in love, and maybe your hormones are screaming "have sex right now" ! But absolutely none of that is important. Your body screams "have sex" because people used to live to be about 45, so they got busy a lot younger in order to keep the species going.

Lucky you, the need to keep the species going is not on your 14-year-old shoulders. Trust me on this — the desire to have sex will not go away if you wait. And if the bf only wants to be with you if you give it up, then he's not really your bf at all, is he. When your mind, heart and spirit have matured to the point where you're ready to make a choice about having sex that is a whole lot deeper than the email you sent, you'll know it. If you're still with this guy ... then maybe what you feel for him blossomed into the real deal. If you're not with him, you will be so glad you waited until you were truly ready, and the real thing comes along at the right time.

Cherie Bennett is a best-selling author of books for teens and young adults. Visit her website at To find out more about Cherie Bennett and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



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LW1: Someday, you will be in an accident, need root canal surgery, become seriously ill and need prescription medicine just to get out of bed, get dressed, get food and eat it, walk to the bathroom, use the toilet, shower and brush your teeth. I really, really hope you aren't living with someone you love who will betray your trust by stealing your pain meds and selling them.

Your mom's made considerable sacrifices for you over the years. And this is how you repay her? You're more worried about getting into trouble than you are in the hardship you've caused her.
Comment: #1
Posted by: hedgehog
Sun Apr 1, 2012 3:46 PM
LW1: You're an obvious piece of crap and I hope your mother drop kicks you out of her life.

LW2: Ignore Cherie - she actually thinks your body wants sex because in the old days people died young. LOL - That little egg that your body makes really wants to be fertilized so yes it wants you to have sex and its hard to say no but you can. Use your head and use your condom sense. You're 14 and you sound pretty stupid so don't breed.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Diana
Sun Apr 1, 2012 4:37 PM
Your dondom sense? little typo there, Diana? Because at 14, condoms or not, she's too young to be playing with this particular type of fire?
Comment: #3
Posted by: hedgehog
Mon Apr 9, 2012 12:01 PM
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