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Creators Syndicate was founded in February 1987 by Richard S. Newcombe. Since then, the Los Angeles-based syndicate has done what few believed possible when it was originally founded: it has become only the second major independent syndicate founded since the 1930s.

When Rick Newcombe left News America Syndicate after it was sold to King Features, his upstart syndicate was quickly given substantial fire power when Ann Landers, and soon thereafter Johnny Hart, signed on. Within a few months Herblock joined the team, and Creators Syndicate hasn't looked back.

Creators Syndicate now represents over 200 of the most talented writers and artists in the world, including Mike Luckovich, Michael Ramirez, Bill O'Reilly, One Big Happy, BC, Wizard of Id, and Speed Bump. Our talent has won countless awards, including Pulitzer prizes, Reuben awards, and many others.

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About Jack Newcombe, the newest executive at Creators Syndicate.